My Singing Monsters

My Singing Monsters

In the expansive realm of mobile gaming, "My Singing Monsters" emerges as a refreshingly distinctive, enjoyable, and engaging adventure that distinguishes itself from the multitude of other games. Developed and published by the Canadian software company 'Big Blue Bubble', the game was first launched on iOS platforms in 2012, and subsequently made available on other platforms following its enormous success. A blend of city building and musical strategy, "My Singing Monsters" taps into the creative recesses of player's minds, challenging them to create, nurture, and orchestrate an energetic chorus of adorable, singing monsters.

The player's role revolves around populating various islands with a plethora of vibrant virtual monsters - each exhibiting unique, whimsical, and charmingly comical appearances. The game becomes intriguing when you realize that each monster is not just visually distinct, but also musically unique. Every monster contributes to the collective harmony with different tunes ranging from whistles, growls, hums, and chirps, resulting in creating an engaging, melodic symphony that is as entertaining as it is addicting.

A Harmonious Gaming Experience with a Few Dischords

"My Singing Monsters" skillfully transcends the boundaries of a simple 'breeding' game with its inventive approach to game mechanics and world-building. Here, progression is tied to the player's ability to breed an array of unique monsters, each adding a unique layer of sound to the monster orchestra. The collection, breeding, and nurturing of these diverse monsters present an absorbing gameplay loop that keeps players engaged.

However, despite the compelling premise and engaging gameplay, "My Singing Monsters" does have a few dischords. One notable weakness is its 'freemium' model, where the progression becomes increasingly tied to in-game purchases as the game goes on. This can lead to slower progress for those who don't wish to make such purchases. Also, due to the interactive nature of the game, rare server hiccups lead to glitches and progress loss, causing frustration among players. Moreover, the lack of a solid storyline, whilst intentional to maintain a free-form play style, might not appeal to those who desire a narratively driven gaming experience.

A Symphony of Fun - Player's Impressions of "My Singing Monsters"

Despite a few minor issues, the overall impression of “My Singing Monsters” among its dedicated player base is overwhelmingly positive. Players around the world find the game addictive, fun, and pleasingly different from other simulative mobile games available. The cheerful art style, the creative monster design, and above all, the distinct musical aspect, makes it a hit among a diverse range of audiences, from casual gamers to music enthusiasts.

The interactive gameplay of rearing and cross-breeding monsters adds a layer of strategy that is invigorating and satisfying. The sheer joy of discovering a new monster and consequently, a new piece of music keeps the players hooked. Even with its in-app purchase model, several players indicate that the joy of creating something unique is undiluted, making the game worthwhile.


  • Uniquely Creative; 
  • No Violence;
  • Engaging gameplay;
  • Characters;
  • Free to play;


  • In-app Purchases;
  • Repetitive;
  • Time-Consuming;

Overall, "My Singing Monsters" game provides a fresh, imaginative approach to mobile gaming by artfully combining music, strategy, and adorable creatures into one engaging package. Like any compelling masterpiece, it plays a few dischords but still manages to deliver a captivating symphony that resonates with its audience.