Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V

GTA V is an action-adventure game with open world in which you will play on behalf of one of three gangsters. It's possible to plan to rob banks, explore the city Los Santos and its suburbs, and many other things.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

GTA V is dedicated to robberies. The protagonists will clean out everything: jewelry stores, banks, collector cars, and secret military objects. But before, they need to prepare for the raid. So, it's possible to choose a plan of action – for example, quiet robbery or loud knock-over with guns.

At first, the information about the three main characters shocked fans. Due to the superbly written protagonists, you immediately feel affection, believe in their reality. Franklin only enters the criminal world, Michael has got a mid-life crisis, and Trevor is a complete psycho, frightening with his temper. 

While you play for one of the characters, other two go about their business or travel around the city. It's funny to see Franklin, walking with a dog, or Michael, listening to domestic quarrels. 

The developers have reintroduced the pumping system, but now it is so unobtrusive that you may not look at the characteristics at all. In addition, all the main personages have special abilities. Michael slows downtime, Franklin maneuvers well, and Trevor can reduce incoming damage and make his attacks better .

Los Santos – the City of Dreams

Los Santos is the only megalopolis in the game, on the remaining territory there are mountains, fields, villages, rivers, forests and lakes. Breaking out of the noisy city and going to the beautifully setting lets you feel unspeakable atmosphere. There is an excellent contrast between the capital and the province: you never confuse a village resident with an urban resident.

On every meter you can find something entertaining. There are many local fools, ready to draw the hero into an adventure, and a lot offside quests. If you are scant of missions, then you should know that random events happen every day. You can participate in them or ignore them.

You will also like how some missions affect the rest of the world. For example, an attempt on the CEO of a pharmaceutical company will cause fall of stocks which will be great news for those who have invested in his rival. 

Significantly pretty graphics catch eyes. The creators made 1080p image, added high-resolution textures, a lot of new lighting effects, small objects and various details on the streets to which other developers usually do not pay attention.




Distinctive features of GTA V are a fascinating world, an exciting story, diverse gameplay, a lot of explosions and special effects, as well as cinematography. Rockstar North produced a game that almost completely corresponds to all requirements, logged to projects.