Gacha World: Create your own team and conquer evil

Gacha World: Create your own team and conquer evil

Gacha World is an Asian role-playing project with anime graphics, MMO component, battles, raids on bosses and knocking out various valuable items from monsters.  The plot is rather predictable: you have to save the world from cataclysm, caused by villains. At your disposal there will be a huge number of candidates for the role of brave hero, as well as a very impressive choice among weapons.

Variety of Heroes

Each hero is a universal warrior. It's possible to choose clothes, shoes, as well as various accessories for the personage. Creating the character, you endow him or her with special qualities, combination of which acts on the enemy deadly. In the process it will be possible to develop abilities of the personage.

There are available 90 characters. The main of them are: Cyanthia, Sempai Slayer Kuku, Snowball Sylph,  DJ Eve, and Delicious Melnya.

Special Aspects of Combats

The game has got a tutorial that allows you to deal with the management. So, after creating a character it will be possible  to learn his special attacks, merits and flaws.

A successful battle brings valuable rewards and makes available other characters. Money that you get can be spent on advanced weapons and the latest technologies. Controlling a team of soldiers, you must choose right tactics and strategy that will lead to victory.

It's possible to play in a story mode and complete different missions, online with different events, or become a member of the league and fight with other players.

You'll be able to communicate with users from around the world, playing in online regime. If your Internet connection isn't good, it's possible to play in story mode offline.

Game Features

The game is free of charge, but for some improvements you'll have to pay. E.g., it will be possible to buy new clothes that increase characteristics or acquire other bonuses. In-app-purchases might not work for Android 6.0+ devices or rooted devices.

The game has two types of currencies: gold and gems. The latter are needed to summon heroes and purchase most of the clothes. Gems may be bought or gained during the passing through. You can also exchange them for gold. It is needed to buy more simple clothes and to pump the character. 

Graphics in the game is anime-like. It is rather interesting and pleasant because there are many details. Animation in combats also looks fascinating.

Negative Traits of Gacha World

  • It takes a lot of space in the device's memory;
  • High difficulty of some levels.