Fortnite is an adventure game where your goal is to be the one last survivor on the huge battlefield full of enemies and friends. The game was presented on all main platforms such as iOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Windows. In this review, the version for iOS will be the main focus. 
We all know how it goes, the typical Battle Royale game. You have been dropped from a helicopter to a large field. You are not alone, there are 100 players beside. It is up to you which direction to go, what to build, who to trust. The most important thing is to be the last standing man. Mind that the territory is shrinking as you progress. 

Graphics: 10/10

At first glance, one cannot see any difference in the visuals between PC an iOS version of Fortnite. That is enough to say how beautiful and well-optimized the game is. Of course, there were some fixes to make the game run smoothly on the smartphones. Frame rate is consistent without excessive freezes, and low resolution is not noticeable on the small screens.

The style of Fortnite is quite cartoonish. Even weapons do not seem dangerous. Maybe it is one of the reasons the game has gained so much popularity: it is peaceful while highly engaging. 

Controls: 7/10

It is a touchscreen so you should be willing to learn how to master it. Especially, if you started to play Fortnite on PC. It is easy to remember all the controls, but in the midst of the battle you can mess up. Fortnite controls on mobile devices are not clumsy, as my reviewers say, they are just something you need to really get used to. Eventually, you will see the logic behind them and maybe even enjoy. 

Lasting Appeal: 9/10

It is so easy to get addicted to Fortnite. The game is free and does not require too much from your phone. It has a plethora of cosmetics, catching your attention and honestly looking distinctively cute. You can enjoy the game even if you are a beginner. There is just a lot to do: if you are not fond of fighting, just go for the resources, scavenge, create & win. 

Fortnite borrowed a quite amazing mechanic from PUBG. You can actually use buildings for your advantage. The entire world around you is interactive, which means a lot of fun to experiment.

Difficulty: 8/10

It is easy to learn, hard to master type of game. Yet the most challenging part for the most players is somehow crafting. They say it takes a lot of effort to combine crafting playstyle with the usual shooting one. Especially on mobile with the high chance of mistake due to the touchscreen. 



You should definitely try Fortnite if you have not checked it out yet. The global multiplayer across Fortnite players from all platforms is an almost genius thing. Mobile players will be always matched with other mobile players. But you get access to the multiplatform server if you are playing duo with someone on, for example, Xbox One. Your Epic account can be logged on any platform, so you are not going to lose any progress. Fortnite is really a unique experience combining Battle Royale ingredient with some Minecraft vibes.