There is a typical situation: today, you want to play an adventure game, tomorrow — something tactical, or resolve funny puzzles. If we say that you may install Roblox and you could have access to most of the genres? 

Choose the game depending on your mood. Roblox is a multiplayer setting for all game-lovers. It's similar to an online platform, where anybody can produce their own game and make it public to most users.  The platform has a wide choice of games. Some games can be violent, a few so adorable, some contain weapons, and a few will engage your mind if you would like to pass the level!

Roblox has lots of accessible items; it is possible to select them and buy them using virtual money - Robux. They can be got through the game or purchased with actual cash. To stay competitive, you always have to improve your personality and buying brand new items. 

As a parent, you should be aware that everybody can make and play any games. It's not controlled at all. Additionally, Roblox has in-game features, private messages, and groups. Even though the app delivers a safe-chat mode if you under 13, where parents can disable any chat abilities, or put in a four-digit PIN code for controlling account adjustments, it does not work in practice. So, be cautious! 

What about graphics? As the platform has games developed by different people, graphics is different also. Roblox is available on the PC and mobile phones. 

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Roblox is a sizable user-generated online platform with thousands of available games and unique capabilities. You can make a new game or select among others. But as it has poor content management, we can't state it is safe for children.

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