Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys is an iPhone puzzle game created by indie game developer Andrew Sum and released on September 8, 2017. In the game, the player controls two characters, Stumble and Guys, who are trying to escape a mad scientist's laboratory. The player must guide the characters through a series of obstacles by tapping on the screen to make them jump.

Stumble Guys is a voxel-based physics platformer with a unique and addicting gameplay experience. The objective of the game is to survive through a series of increasingly difficult obstacle courses by running, jumping, and climbing your way to the finish line. Each level is filled with randomly generated obstacles, making for a fresh and challenging experience each time you play. 

The controls are simple and easy to learn, but the game is difficult to master. The fast-paced and chaotic nature of the game makes it incredibly fun and addicting. I absolutely loved my time with Stumble Guys and can't wait to play more.

The features in the game include 100 levels, iCloud support so players can sync their progress across devices, and Game Center leaderboards and achievements.

The graphics in the game are simple but charming, and the gameplay is addictive and challenging. I found myself quickly getting lost in the puzzles, trying to figure out the best way to guide the characters through the obstacles.


Overall, I enjoyed playing Stumble Guys and found it to be an addictive and challenging puzzle game. The graphics are charming and simple, and the gameplay is addictive and challenging. The game includes 100 levels, iCloud support, and Game Center leaderboards and achievements. If you're looking for a fun and challenging puzzle game, I would definitely recommend giving Stumble Guys a try.


  • Fun and addicting
  • Can be played with friends
  • Simple concept


  • Can be frustrating at times
  • May cause arguments with friends