Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a shooter where you can play for terrorists or even counter-terrorists.  It is necessary to save hostages or defuse the bomb while still playing for the latter.  If you're on the face of the terrorists, you will need to plant a bomb.

Graphics and Sound 7/10

All places look amazing, weapons and players also have a pleasant appearance. Pictures in CS: GO can be bright or gloomy where it's needed. There is absolutely no such pompousness like in Counter-Strike: Source. Among the main benefits that CS: GO has good runtime performance on slow computers.

All of the sounds have been recorded in high quality so that they won't distract attention. The one thing that may be annoying is a soundtrack, but you can switch it off in preferences.

Controls 8/10

Controls from CS: GO are normal for shooters. With w/a/s/p buttons, you may move your personage, pressing change, you are going to make him proceed slowly, etc.

For most gamers, the fundamental sensitivity of the mouse is very high and uneasy. So, it is going to be necessary to alter this parameter in settings. Additionally, you can set your buttons for a variety of actions.

Gameplay 8/10

There are lots of modes in CS: GO. For success at the end of a round, you are given cash for which you'll be able to buy weapons. Should you lose, you obviously will not be able to use cool firearms.

Arsenal has expanded considerably. Players have got access to fresh pistols, submachine guns, shotguns, and rifles. The array of weapons was substantial. However, the players utilized the most powerful and beloved guns, and no one used other barrels in any way. Valve found the original way out of this situation: the poorer weapon you use, the greater the reward is.

The main innovation in this game is the existence of skins for weapons. They do not influence parameters but seem very nice. Some of those skins can cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Their price depends upon experts' evaluation.



CS: GO is the game where thousands of people play every day. So, you can become obsessed with it also. There are various modes to play either alone or with friends. Your interest may be stirred up by the urge to become Global Elite (it's the highest rank in the game). Thus, CS: GO is worth your attention. It is, likely, the most popular shooter on earth.