TikTok Tests 60-Minute Videos in a Bold Move to Rival YouTube

Samuel David


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TikTok is experimenting with a revolutionary new feature: it allows users to upload videos up to 60 minutes long. This comes as a shift from the platform’s short-form video origins and appears to be a strategic move aimed at attracting a broader audience. Currently, this capability is limited to a select group of users in certain markets, with no definitive plans for broader release. The testing phase is a reflection of TikTok’s efforts to evolve and meet the diverse needs of its content creators.

Initially launched with 15-second video limits, TikTok captured global attention with its bite-sized entertainment. However, the platform has steadily increased this limit over the years, positioning itself to compete more directly with YouTube. The introduction of 60-minute uploads aims to provide creators with greater flexibility, enabling them to explore more in-depth and varied content forms. Whether it's cooking demos, beauty tutorials, or educational lesson plans, TikTok is listening to creator feedback and adapting accordingly.

One significant advantage of the 60-minute format is the elimination of the need to break content into several parts. In the past, users had to divide long videos into multiple segments, which could be cumbersome for both creators and viewers. With the potential to upload full-length videos, creators and networks can offer more seamless and engaging viewing experiences. This could especially benefit TV networks, which have already been using TikTok to share promotional content and attract new viewers.

While not everyone may be inclined to watch longer videos, TikTok is making noticeable strides in enhancing the user experience. The platform has already introduced features like a horizontal full-screen mode, video-scrubbing thumbnails, and fast-forward options. These innovations reflect TikTok’s commitment to staying competitive and satisfying its diverse audience. As the testing continues, it will be interesting to see whether TikTok’s foray into long-form video content becomes a game-changer in its ongoing battle with YouTube.