is a 3D physics-based vehicle simulator video game. The game was developed by a team of students from the Politecnico di Torino. is a vehicle simulation game, where the player is able to drive vehicles with a variety of real-world and fictional physics. It is also possible to build your own vehicle and modify it, and it is easily accessible. is a driving simulation game that was created by BeamNG. In the game, the player can go through various different landscapes and drive a variety of different vehicles.


The gameplay of is a physics-based vehicle simulator which is accelerated by the engine of the Emscripten. The game features a terrain editor which allows the player to create their own off-road course. The player can use a variety of vehicles, which are divided into four different classes: light vehicles, heavy vehicles, off-road vehicles and on-road vehicles. features a lot of different vehicles to choose from, with a variety of realistic physics. also features a map editor where the user can create their own terrain and race tracks. also features a variety of physics, such as realistic to cartoon physics, and enables the player to build their own vehicle and modify it.

The player can choose from a variety of vehicles, and can also modify them in the garage. The player starts at a point where they can explore the game's various maps, and can choose from a variety of scenery, including deserts, forests, and mountains. The game features many different ways to interact with the environment, including changing the time of day. The player can also choose from a variety of different driving difficulties, depending on their preferences.

Graphics features realistic graphics. The game uses OpenGL 3.1+ for rendering and the engine of the Emscripten. The graphics in are pretty good for the game. The player is able to choose between different physics, such as realistic and cartoon physics. also has a variety of different vehicles for the player to choose from. The graphics in are created using a heavily modified version of the Unity engine. The engine is tuned to allow for a high level of detail and a large degree of freedom in the way the player plays the game. The game features a large number of shaders, which are integrated with a complex physics system that allows for everything from explosions to water to be simulated.


The game's replayability is high. features an online leaderboard system. There are a variety of different gameplay features in such as building your own vehicle and modifying it, the map editor, and a variety of physics. offers a high level of replayability, as the game's various maps allow for a different experience each time they are played.


  • is realistic
  • The map editor allows the player to build their own terrain and race tracks
  • There are a variety of different vehicles for the player to choose from
  • It is easily accessible


  • The game can feel repetitive








If you want a realistic and interesting vehicle simulator, download BeamNG.Drive.