Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga, a free mobile game, is a delightful indulgence that exemplifies the "casual" genre within the gaming community. Its easy-to-play nature, coupled with captivating graphics, makes it irresistibly addictive. This game is a perfect fit for those who enjoy effortless color-matching games.

Gameplay: A Sweet Strategy

If you are familiar with the game Bejeweled or any of its numerous replicas, you already have a basic understanding of Candy Crush Saga. The gameplay is straightforward – just swap two candies to alter their positions. The concept is simple, yet the design is so meticulously crafted that even someone unfamiliar with smartphones could easily grasp it. The aim is to accumulate as many points as possible within a set number of moves. Points are awarded by aligning at least three similar candies in a row or in an 'L' shape to "crush" them.

The Unpredictable Candy Drop

As you continue to crush candies, new random candies descend from the top of the screen to fill in the gaps. This unpredictable candy drop makes it challenging to plan a strategy beyond utilizing special super candies that occasionally appear during the candy-crushing process. 

Changing the Game: A Twist of Challenges

Candy Crush Saga ensures that the game does not become monotonous by introducing new challenges at different stages. These could range from scoring a certain number of points within a specified number of moves to adding "jelly" squares that can only be removed by candy crushing. The configuration of the stages also changes from level to level, sometimes incorporating hard-to-crush extensions on the sides of the central board. Despite being minor alterations, these changes can make certain levels extremely challenging.

A Musical Treat

The music in Candy Crush Saga deserves a special mention. It is enjoyable but can become repetitive over time. The music is a delightful blend of ragtime piano, triangles, and auto-harps, among other instruments, providing a rich and lush background. However, after a while, it can feel a bit too much. 



However, beneath the sugar-coated exterior of Candy Crush Saga lies a business model designed to keep you engaged and potentially willing to spend some money. The game starts you off with five lives, which recover slowly at the rate of one life per half hour. To get more lives, you have the option to make in-app purchases.