Far Cry 5 DLC — Things to Attempt Until the Sequel's Ready?

Cassie Sanchez


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Launched on March 27, 2018, Far Cry 5 stirred a massive commotion using its re-architected gameplay, odd plot, ordinary southern stereotypes, revamped graphics, not to mention the bewildering finale.  While many are still frustrated with the badly clarified ending and await the feasible FC 5 Part II to come, you can catch a snack of gaming with the Far Cry 5 DLCs.

1. Dead living Zombies — There Are Zombies in My F*cking Area!

You probably don't forget the C-movie manager Guy Marvel, on whose control you needed to feed bullets into an entire horde of bliss-drugged Angels, directly on his film collection.  The narrative is that: a top-secret military plane explodes from the air with a high-value freight.

That you, the farmer that has a preference for strong language and shotguns, must get rid of.  Aside from beating the living dead, you will also manage to stunt wolves and other ghoulish creatures as well as the mutation channels that disseminate the mysterious gas.  A good deal of shooting, caricature comedy, and swears.  The DLC is readily available for both single-player and co-op.

2. Hours of Darkness — A Bad Vietnam Flashback…

Your detachment would approach a landing zone, even when suddenly everything becomes a mess: Vietcongs shot down your chopper.  Upon awakening, you end up in the crate, though your comrades-in-arms are being interrogated and taken.  Then a lucky opportunity — at the face of these US jet fighters —  releases you into the jungly wilderness, in which you start your guerilla.

A restricted arboraceous map free of roaming, pleasant atmosphere inspired from the Platoon, Full Metal Jacket, and the late 60's songs and naturally usable air-strikes -- that Far Cry 5 DLC can cause you to feel like John Rambo. 

3.  Lost on Mars — Earth's Last Hope

Nick Rye was on his way home in the middle of the night after running some errands for his family.  He then receives a call from Hurk, who asks him to get some hardly comprehensible favor.  Long story short — an abduction space ray sucks Nick, the Pilot into a space station, where the artificial intelligence named Anne and Hurk's flying head tell him the bad news: a race of intelligent arachnids from Mars are likely to invade the Earth and turn humanity within their canned food source.

Absurd humor, Tremors references, Hurk's body reassemblage, Martian gravity, and amazing extraterrestrial landscapes will not let you yawn. Although restricted in gameplay hours, every single Far Cry 5 DLC is a strong and fun addition to the main game.  While the destiny of Dep, the state of Montana, the whole world, and mad"messiah" Joseph is still unknown — those DLCs will maintain you a good firm.