How YouTube Has Handled an Account Handle

Samuel David


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This news should cheer you up if you've long dreamed of a more personalized YouTube. The platform announced the introduction of a handle, a new username identifier. It should help you create the most personal YouTube story possible.

YouTube has been the leading video service for a long time, but the young TikTok has dramatically moved it. The answer was the launch of YouTube Shorts, which practically copied the TikTok format. The next step has been the creation of a YouTube account. The innovation brings the platform closer to its competitors, allowing you to do what has long become commonplace for social network users.

The unique username, which YouTube calls a handle, interacts with its viewers on the channel page and in YouTube Shorts. Users can mention others in comments, community posts, and more. Everyone should remain in the winnings. Users will be able to grow their audience and network presence, and their followers will receive personalized contact with their favorite creators.

YouTube has developed a cunning naming system not to catch hell from well-known authors. Have you already had a personalized URL? This will be your default handle, but you can change it. Also, when ranking those who will be the first to try the function, YouTube will consider how many subscribers the user has, the channel's activity, its presence on YouTube, and so on.

Are you interested in the new YouTube feature? Do you think the platform will be able to push TikTok and attract new users?