Guild Wars 2's Janthir Wilds Expansion Promises Big Changes with New Raid and Player-Friendly Housing

Henry Jackson


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Guild Wars 2 fans, get ready for an exciting new chapter in the world of Tyria with the upcoming "Janthir Wilds" expansion, launching on August 20. ArenaNet is rolling out a slew of updates, including features the community has been yearning for. Promising a fresh raid and the most accessible housing system in any MMORPG, Janthir Wilds aims to reinvigorate the player base, delivering both nostalgia and innovation.

The housing system, titled "Homesteads," is expected to be a game-changer. ArenaNet hypes it as the most user-friendly housing mechanism ever seen in an MMORPG. While details are still under wraps, the system is bound to attract both newcomers and veterans. Decorating and personalizing your space will provide an immersive way to engage with the game world outside of combat and quests. Keep an eye on PC Gamer for an exclusive first look later this month.

Raiding enthusiasts will rejoice as Guild Wars 2 brings back its long-cherished element with the eighth raid, set to launch a little later after Janthir Wilds’ initial release. It's been five years since the last raid, and although strike missions served as a temporary end-game content, nothing compares to the complexity of true raid wings. This delayed but anticipated feature signals ArenaNet’s commitment to revamping its beloved raiding system.

Developers have also taken community feedback seriously, notably around how the story unfolds. The third map from the previous expansion, Secrets of the Obscure, fell short in sustaining interest. With Janthir Wilds, the narrative is shifting to a more concentrated and engaging storyline, exploring the islands north of Queensdale and introducing the Lowland Kodan. Map updates will also take a new approach, aiming to avoid the pitfalls of their predecessors.

In addition to these features, players can look forward to spears gaining utility on land and a revamped Warclaw mount for improved terrain navigation. New legendaries, a PvP mode, and the usual batch of armor and weapon skins are also in the pipeline. The game is poised for a thrilling shake-up, ensuring that the lessons learned from past expansions lead to a richer, more nuanced player experience. ArenaNet’s readiness to listen and adapt bodes well for the future of Guild Wars 2.