Dead By Daylight Heralds A Mystical Epoch With A Dungeons & Dragons-Inspired Partnership

Samuel David


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It appears that the upcoming installment of Dead by Daylight will take inspiration from the realm of Dungeons & Dragons.

Behavior Interactive, the developers responsible for the collaborative horror title, unveiled a teaser for the forthcoming installment earlier today, priming audiences for a comprehensive anniversary presentation slated for next week, where additional information is anticipated to emerge.

While venturing into the world of dark fantasy might seem like a departure from the customary horror series that the game typically embraces, it's likely that the rich, ominous elements of Dungeons & Dragons will integrate seamlessly into the chilling ambiance of Dead by Daylight.

Also on the horizon for this year is a narrative-driven horror offshoot, The Casting of Frank Stone, from The Quarry creators Supermassive. This project first came to light during Dead by Daylight's previous anniversary broadcast and received further elaboration at The Game Awards in December.

Last year's anniversary event also gave rise to news of an Iron Maiden collaborative venture, which made its grand entrance into the game in February after much anticipation.

The forthcoming eighth-anniversary livestream, scheduled for May 14th, is set to unveil the latest chapter for the game alongside a schedule of upcoming updates.