Embark on a Hell-Razing Adventure with These 10 Electrifying Games Like Doom

Samuel David


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Doom set the standard for fast-paced, blood-pumping action when it hit the scene in the early '90s. This first-person shooter (FPS) masterpiece provided an adrenaline rush that gamers sought after, sparking the creation of a multitude of similarly spirited titles. Below are 10 games that encapsulate the same raw intensity and are sure to satisfy any Doom enthusiast’s thirst for thrilling, chaotic combat.

1. Quake Series

With its dark, gothic environments and ruthless gunplay, Quake feels like a spiritual successor to Doom. Debuting in 1996, the Quake series upholds the breakneck pacing while introducing true 3D-level design and polygonal enemies. Each entry in the series—from the Lovecraftian original to the Strogg-infested sequels—offers the essential ingredients: an arsenal of devastating weapons, fearsome adversaries, and a heart-pounding soundtrack.

2. Wolfenstein Series

Without Wolfenstein, there might not have been a Doom. Pioneering the FPS genre, titles like "Wolfenstein 3D" brought fast action and Nazi foes to our screens. The more recent iterations, including "Wolfenstein: The New Order" and "Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus," compound the experience with engaging storylines, larger-than-life characters, and intense, visceral combat that harks back to its roots but with modern graphics and gameplay.

Wolfenstein Series

3. Serious Sam Series

Serious Sam is the epitome of run-and-gun fun, with literally thousands of enemies on screen at once. The series is famous for its overwhelming horde battles, wide-open spaces, and humorous protagonist, Sam "Serious" Stone. Its frantic action is complemented by an extensive collection of weapons and a difficulty that will test even the most seasoned FPS veterans.

4. Painkiller

Battle through purgatory in Painkiller, a game that thrives on relentless action and a gothic atmosphere reminiscent of Doom’s hellish vibe. Its straightforward gameplay involves annihilating swathes of demonic creatures with an inventive weapon set, including the titular Painkiller, a spinning blade of death. The level design is inventive, the boss fights are monumental, and the metal-heavy soundtrack propels you through each grotesque encounter.

5. Dusk

As a love letter to 90’s shooters, Dusk captures the essence of what makes the genre so enjoyable. It features retro-style graphics, breakneck action, and a soundtrack that sets the tone for monster-blasting mayhem. Blending horror, occult, and pure action elements, Dusk delivers an exhilarating experience while also intriguing players with its cryptic storytelling.

Dusk game

6. Shadow Warrior Series

The rebooted Shadow Warrior series combines over-the-top gore with a comedic edge. Playing as Lo Wang, a corporate shogun, you slice and dice through demons with a katana and an arsenal of other weaponry. The action is relentless, and the mix of melee combat with shooting provides a stimulating change of pace from traditional FPS gameplay.

7. Unreal Tournament Series

Famed for its competitive multiplayer, Unreal Tournament also offers a lightning-fast single-player experience. The game's tight controls, diverse weapon set, and frenetic gameplay draw clear inspiration from Doom's formula. With a variety of game modes and unmatched arena shooting, Unreal Tournament continues to be a benchmark for FPS multiplayer excellence.

8. Bulletstorm

Step into the boots of Grayson Hunt in Bulletstorm, a game that rewards players for creatively destroying enemies. Known for its "skillshot" system, it encourages you to experiment with the environment and your weapons to take down foes in the most spectacular ways possible. Its humor, unique mechanics, and pure adrenaline-pumping action offer an engaging twist on the genre.


9. Ion Fury

Ion Fury pays homage to the classic build-engine games of the '90s, delivering a fresh yet nostalgic experience. You play as Shelly "Bombshell" Harrison, an explosive expert facing off a cybernetic army. With a blend of old-school graphics and modern gameplay mechanics, Ion Fury gives players a perfect mix of past and present.

10. Killing Floor 2

Take on the role of a mercenary group fighting against waves of zombies in Killing Floor 2. The game excels with its co-op gameplay, where teamwork plays an essential role. The Zed-slaying action, combined with powerful weapons, slow-motion ‘zed time’, and challenging boss battles, make it a thrilling experience for fans of relentless FPS action.

From gothic horror to intergalactic battle arenas, these ten games encapsulate the spirit of Doom in their DNA. Each title brings a unique perspective to the table while maintaining the fast-paced, chaotic essence at the heart of Doom. Whether you’re in for the nostalgia, the nail-biting intensity, or the joy of bringing down hordes of enemies, there’s a game in this list that will reignite your passion for the classic FPS rush.