Best Indie Horror Games - Best 10 Titles to Raise Your Heartbeat

Akesh Partel


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Pure magic is a genuine ability to recreate something blood-curdling with restricted resources, particularly money. That is the reason we've prepared a choice of Top 10 Indie Horror Games, based on Steam consumers' feedback.  Enjoy!

1. Killing Floor 2

An experiment gone wrong, they slaughtered the continent's whole population, leaving several pockets of resistance. Your duty is to cleanse Europe solo or together with your friends (up to 6 players).

2. The Binding of Isaac

Isaac's mother is obsessed with faith and TV-evangelists.  One day, she hears the "voice of God" in her head, commanding her to sacrifice her son.  Isaac hides from the cellar, where he's to take care of paranormal stuff and his siblings, an existence of which he never suspected.

3. SCP Secret Laboratory

SCP Foundation is a key company, which neutralizes and comprises various anomalies: transferring figurines, parallel-dimension beings, eternally descending staircases, etc.  However, one afternoon SCP has struck a significant security breach...

4. Undertale

Blond and old-fashioned initially, Undertale is a retro-styled RPG with an eerie and odd sense of humor.  Its puzzles, mini-games, and dark undertones concealed behind the facade of playfulness bedazzle you with unconventional ways to beat the game.

5. Lobotomy Corporation

An odd hybrid vehicle, which comprises components from Earth and SCP Foundation, Lobotomy Corporation struggles you to handle a containment center full of paranormal phenomena.  One error -- that which turns into hell fast.

6. Don't Starve

Among the finest indie horror games based on Steam's evaluations and reviews, Don't Starve takes you into a creepy adventure in a different dimension.  It's a survival match with demanding challenges and an elegant art style that only players with nerves of steel could complete.

7. Soul at Stake

As a menacing legend goes, everyone can partake in an upsetting contest to win boundless riches, success, popularity, and power.  The player fee is the own soul.  Soul at Stake is among the very artistic frightful indie games on the planet.

8. Hacknet

Try out the role of a top-tier hacker in this simulator.  Just don't forget that instructions you receive from the mentor somehow go from beyond the tomb.

9. Deceit

You're part of a group of 6 individuals who are supposed to survive in the grim environment they've never noticed before.  All of it's happening for the amusement of someone, that calls himself the Game Master.  And the spice in that game is that 2 of your comrades-in-distress are infected with a zombie virus.  And nobody knows who exactly. 

10. The Long Dark

There are not any zombies, human-devouring creatures, or hostile Martian distance robots in the future.  Only a sensible landscape to research, natural dangers, and endless, mortifying chilly.  Attempt to live on Earth, which has come through a geomagnetic tragedy, and you will notice that realism may be far scarier than any dream.