Unity Policy Shifts Shakes Up Game Development: BallisticNG Switch Port Cancelled

Henry Jackson


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The gaming industry, just like any other, has its fair share of ups and downs, and the recent changes to Unity's policies have stirred the pot considerably. Unity, the software development company popular among game developers, announced earlier that they would be charging developers every time a game that uses its engine is installed. Although they later apologized for this unprecedented move and attempted to recalibrate the changes, the damage had been done. The development community expressed their frustration, and the aftershocks of these policy changes are already being felt. BallisticNG, a well-received racing game previously planning to make a port for the Switch, has cancelled its plans due to these policy alterations, marking one of the first casualties in what could be a new era of game development.

Neognosis, the developer behind BallisticNG, had made plans to bring their Wipeout-inspired racing game to the Switch platform. However, the recent policy alterations by Unity have compelled them to reconsider. As per the new terms of service, the developers would have to upgrade to a newer version of Unity, a move that would automatically subject them to the revised policies. Nintendo, the company behind the Switch, has a rolling Unity version requirement for game releases. Neognosis pointed out they were already behind this threshold by two years, which makes the upgrade unavoidable. A couple of weeks ago, this wouldn't have been a problem, but the current situation has escalated things unexpectedly.

The developer stated on the game's Steam page that they have completely abandoned the plan for the Switch port. The key issue revolves around Unity's new terms of service that would apply to new versions of Unity. By the time BallisticNG would have been ready for the Switch, the threshold for Unity versions would have been exceeded. Neognosis has little confidence that Unity won't try to enforce their changed policies or perhaps even revert to their old plans. This unpredictability and lack of confidence in Unity's future moves have been the major factors behind the cancellation.

The cancellation of the Switch port of BallisticNG comes as a significant disappointment to the developer and fans of the game alike. Neognosis has spent years developing and preparing the game for the port while also maintaining regular updates for the PC version. This sudden cancellation is not only a setback for the company but also to the players who were eagerly waiting for the Switch version. Neognosis expressed their regret over how things have turned out, and their future projects with the console, or with the rumored Switch 2, will not involve Unity.

To sum up, the recent policy changes by Unity have caused significant disruption in the gaming industry. These changes have led to the cancellation of the highly anticipated Switch port of BallisticNG, a decision that has caused considerable disappointment. The move by Unity has raised concerns about the future of game development as developers are forced to navigate through the new terms of service and adjust their plans accordingly. The gaming industry will undoubtedly keep a close eye on how this situation unfolds and what it could mean for future projects.