Evernote Introduces New Backlinks Feature to Make Note-Taking Easier

Henry Jackson


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Evernote, a popular note-taking platform, has just announced a new feature called Backlinks, which is designed to make note-taking and collaboration easier. This new feature allows Evernote users to link notes together, making it easier to organize and structure their notes in a way that makes sense. 

Backlinks work by allowing users to link notes together with a single click. This makes it easier to create a hierarchy of related notes, as well as to keep track of which notes are related to which. Furthermore, Backlinks also allow users to link to external sources, such as websites or other documents. This makes it easy to reference other sources within Evernote notes. 

Backlinks also make collaboration easier as users can now share notes with other users and link notes together. This makes it easier for multiple users to collaborate on a single task, as each user can add their own notes and link them to other relevant notes. 

Another helpful feature included in Backlinks is the ability to search through notes using keywords, which makes it faster and easier to find the notes you're looking for. This makes it easier to quickly review past notes and find relevant information.

Evernote's new Backlinks feature a great addition to the platform, as it makes note-taking and collaboration easier than ever before. With the ability to link notes together, search using keywords, and link to external sources, Backlinks is sure to make Evernote an even more popular note-taking platform.