Top-5 "Crash Bandicoot Mobile" Alternatives: A Guide to the Best Platformer Games for Android and iOS

Akesh Partel


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Mobile gamers have been missing out on one of the most iconic 3D platformers of all time, Crash Bandicoot. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives that offer similar gameplay, story, and graphics. We’ve put together a list of the top 5 "Crash Bandicoot Mobile" alternatives that you can play on your Android or iOS device. Whether you’re looking for some old-school nostalgia or a unique spin on classic platformer mechanics, these are games you won’t want to miss!

Rayman Adventures

Rayman logo

Rayman Adventures is an award-winning 3D platformer from Ubisoft Entertainment. With its vibrant cartoonish visuals and intuitive controls, this game offers a perfect mix of challenge and fun. You can explore over 40 levels spread across five different worlds as Rayman and his friends battle enemies and rescue Incrediballs along the way. 

The game starts with Rayman being awoken from a deep sleep by his magical companion, Murfy. Together with his friends - Globox and Barbara - he embarks on an epic quest to save the Incrediballs from the clutches of evil forces. Along the way, he completes various tasks, such as collecting gems and freeing imprisoned Incrediballs, in order to progress through each level. The levels vary in difficulty from easy to expert mode, depending on how well you do at each task. To keep things fresh, there are special daily challenges with unique objectives, like defeating bosses or racing against other players online. As you make your way through each level, you will unlock new characters with special abilities to help you progress even further in your quest. 

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom 

Sonic Dash 2 logo

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom is a fast-paced endless runner developed by Sega for mobile devices based on its popular console franchise, Sonic the Hedgehog. In this game, you take control of either Sonic himself or one of his trusty sidekicks—Tails or Knuckles—and race through wild worlds at breakneck speeds while gathering rings and avoiding obstacles along the way. Collect enough rings to trigger special boosts like invincibility stars and speed shoes that will help you reach even higher scores. 

You can choose between three characters—each with their own unique abilities—to tackle challenging missions across six different zones filled with treacherous traps like spikes, lava pools, and giant robots in order to progress through each level’s boss battles. If that isn’t challenging enough already, try playing against other players online in weekly tournaments! As if that wasn’t enough content already, there are also tons of character customization options available so you can create your own unique version of your favorite character before setting off into adventure.  


Oddmar logo

Oddmar is an action-packed 2D platformer based on Norse mythology from Mobge Games for iOS and Android devices featuring stunning cartoon graphics reminiscent of classic Disney movies like The Lion King or Aladdin combined with modern gameplay elements like RPG elements such as upgrades for weapons/items/characters and puzzle solving sections; all wrapped up in an engaging narrative about Viking culture & mythology which makes it truly stand out among other mobile games in its genre! 

You take control of Oddmar – a disgraced Viking warrior who must prove himself worthy to join Odin's elite band – as he embarks on an epic quest full of danger while facing off against mythical creatures & gods alike throughout six different chapters set across two distinct worlds filled with secrets & surprises waiting around every corner. On top of exploring & fighting your way through each chapter, there are also mini-games & bonus levels that reward extra coins upon completion, which can be used to purchase new weapons/items/characters/upgrades, etc., giving players plenty of content to sink their teeth into when it comes time for some Viking action.  

Leo's Fortune

Leo's Fortune logo

Leo’s Fortune is a beautiful puzzle adventure game developed by 1337 Game Design AB for mobile devices which follows our protagonist – Leo – who has had all his fortune stolen from him by mysterious assailants during a family reunion gone wrong, now he must traverse various dangerous environments full of puzzles & traps in order to reclaim what was taken away from him using nothing but his wits & skills alone. Players will travel across four different regions - Alpine Peaks, Desert Ruins, Arctic Tundra & Subterranean Caves - while solving challenging puzzles involving switches & levers; manipulating gravity, riding mine carts; dodging hazards, etc.. all while being pursued by nefarious enemies constantly seeking revenge upon our hero.  

With its gorgeous hand-painted visuals coupled with detailed animations making everything come alive along with its enthralling soundtrack immersing players into Leo’s world right away, it certainly lives up to its reputation as one of the best puzzle adventure games available today.  

Monument Valley 2 

Monument Valley 2 logo

Monument Valley 2 is a critically acclaimed sequel developed by Ustwo games Ltd for mobile devices which uses M C Escher-inspired optical illusions mixed together with simple yet intuitive controls allowing players to experience something truly unique within this genre, unlike anything seen before. In this game, players take control of Ro – a silent mother accompanied by her daughter, whom she must guide safely through various monuments located within their kingdom while battling malicious spirits along the way.  

Each level presents new challenges ranging from pushing blocks around to manipulating gravity fields, all while trying not to solve puzzles presented before them without getting stuck inside any dead ends they may encounter during their journey, thanks largely due to how cleverly designed each level is. What makes this game stand out besides its beautiful visuals & wonderful soundtrack is how seamlessly it transitions between both Ro & her daughter playing simultaneously either alongside one another or taking turns depending on what type of puzzle needs solving next, making it feel almost organic when playing.