Saddling Up: The Top 5 MMOs With The Most Impressive Mount Systems

Samuel David


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In the realms of massively multiplayer online (MMO) adventures, the majestic allure of mounts not only eases our virtual travels but also grants us prestige, personality, and power. As countless worlds unfurl, some MMOs have distinguished themselves with mount systems that are as enthralling as the stories we live through their quests. This article trots through the five MMOs that stand out for their excellent mount mechanics, assessing the virtues and drawbacks of each.

5. Black Desert Online: Mastery in Mount Diversity

Black Desert Online Mastery in Mount Diversity

Black Desert Online (BDO), with its deep integration of mounts into the game's ecosystem, provides a provocative and realistic approach to its mount system. From horseback riding to camel trekking, each animal feels like a living part of the world. Mounts in BDO possess their own skills, level up, and have distinct attributes like health, speed, and carrying capacity. The training and breeding system adds complexity and engagement, although it is notorious for its heavy grind. The immersion of this system makes it beloved by many, even if it does require a significant time investment.


  • Mounts deeply integrated into gameplay mechanics
  • Complex training and breeding systems


  • It can involve a significant grind
  • Limited amount of selection compared to other MMOs

4. Guild Wars 2: Artistry in Motion

Guild Wars 2 Artistry in Motion

In Guild Wars 2, mounts are a triumph of design and mechanics. Despite a late introduction, the variety of nine unique and beautifully crafted mounts each offers a distinct mode of travel, from the airy bounds of the springer to the slick motion of the skimmer. The downside is the reliance on a cash shop for collectible skins, which tarnishes an otherwise praiseworthy feature. Having a gold-to-premium currency exchange does mitigate this issue to an extent, albeit controversially among fans.


  • Each mount type feels unique and is exciting to control
  • Mounts add a significant fun factor to exploration


  • Mount skins are primarily available in the cash shop

3. Albion Online: A Menagerie to Marvel

Albion Online A Menagerie to Marvel

The mount system in Albion Online is as colorful as it is vast, boasting 101 unique mount types, each with its own abilities. Not only do they enhance travel, but they also provide strategic advantages in evading harm or enhancing a character's carrying capacity. The game expands on the traditional mount system by allowing beast breeding, and summoning mounts are as convenient as a click — even if they can be lost by straying too far or taking damage. Players with the means can also indulge in a variety of vanity skins, adding aesthetic value to functionality.


  • Expansive variety of mounts with unique abilities
  • Mount breeding and convenient summoning mechanics


  • Players can lose mounts under specific conditions

2. Final Fantasy 14: A Menagerie of Lore and Splendor

Final Fantasy 14 A Menagerie of Lore and Splendor

For fans of the series, Final Fantasy 14 delivers a dreamscape of mounts that are as visually stunning as they are numerous. The game leverages its lore to offer a wide array of mounts, with over 155 to collect, from the familiar Chocobo to the whimsical Demi-Ozma. While they don't have unique speeds or abilities, each mount is equally viable, simplifying balance across the game. The equality of mounts is a double-edged sword, providing fairness in travel but less variety in the experience.


  • Wide selection of lore-inspired mounts
  • Equal viability of all mounts


  • No distinct speed or abilities between mounts

1. World of Warcraft: The Epic Mount Collection

World of Warcraft The Epic Mount Collection

No discussion of MMO mounts is complete without mentioning World of Warcraft (WoW). With over 900 unique in-game mounts, WoW's system has become a defining feature of status and progression. Whether terrestrial or aerial, these mounts are not just transport devices; they can also carry vendors or represent achievements. Each mount feels like a trophy earned, and their designs vary from the practical to the outrageously fantastic. Some mounts are even exclusive to classes or factions, which fleshes out the game's rich and diverse identity.


  • Unparalleled variety of over 900 mounts
  • Mounts tie into achievements and status


  • Difference in accessibility between rare and common mounts

In summary, each MMO presents a unique approach to their mount system, tailor-made to their universe. Player reviews, however, often point to WoW for having the most outstanding mount collection. The sheer number, coupled with the depth of what each mount represents, propels WoW to the top of our list. It’s clear that the significance of mounts extends beyond mere traversal; they serve as a distinguishable aspect of identity and a source of pride for players in these virtual worlds.