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PUBG Mobile: 2 Years & Celebration UpdateThis month, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds celebrates 2 decades.  And what could be a better present to all fans than a new game update filled with surprises?  The 0.17.0 upgrade was in active use for a while now.  So, let us see which goodies it could offer you.  Besides, Season 12 has only started!

PUBG Meets Disney

The very first issue to pull your attention is most likely that the Amusement Park fashion.  This Park has a little ghostly character.  According to the programmers, it randomly appears in 3 places of Erangel.  The Park itself resembles a retro area of pleasure and mirth with somewhat primitive attractions.

In terms of actions, they're confined to 4 matches: Space War, Shooting Range, Hunting, and Trampoline.  What is awful, however, you may need tokens.  And to top it off, there'll be no roller-coasters.

As compensation, you are able to experiment with a bungee machine.  This demonic contraption will catapult you into the atmosphere.  After this, it is recommended to use a parachute and slip like a giant flying squirrel to a secure location.

Royale Pass

Season 12 surfaced a few days ago.  But we see an abundance of new things that it's brought to us.  To begin with, your PUBG wardrobe is going to be pleased with a lot of fresh skins.  They comprise Feline Fine, Gogglebox, and Feel the Terror.

We get a modified Buy and Update menu.  The revived interface will incorporate services for exclusive vouchers.  These coupons will be available to gamers on different occasions. Incidentally, if you have neglected to buy a Royale Pass through the previous 3 seasons, then there is a bargain for you.   It is unknown what type of bonuses, but it still seems fascinating.

Watch yourself perish

For those players fond of cinematic consequences, there's another cool feature to attempt.  It's called Death Replay. Also, it lets you instantly watch the way you got annihilated.  Well, there are numerous advantages to harvest from this.

First, you may produce a more Death Album, so to state, with software such as Bandicam.  It might incorporate the very spectacular or foolish deaths you have suffered over a year or your whole PUBG livelihood—a fairly neat thing to do to kisses and laughs.

Secondly, if you are a competitive participant, you might learn from the failures.  Assessing what brought another passing to a PUBG avatar can allow you to mend and rethink your strategies.  Additionally, it's excellent for studying cliché strategies your opponents use.

And third, based on Tencent, the new feature will help track down cheaters.  Together with Death Replay, you can document a dishonest cheat use and report a perpetrator.  It is unknown if there'll be a bounty hunter app with tasty benefits or not.

Hardcore is back

For people who seek a little additional challenge, Tencent is attracting Hardcore Mode back.  Within this infamous mode, you want to execute every action manually.  No more automation whatsoever!   Squat and pick this up. This means you'll get simpler prey for players that are authenticated.  Or you may use it as a benefit and reap simple frags by making surprise attacks.  Hardcore Mode can be obtained in Arcade.

There I murdered my treasure...

Universal Mark is one of the greatest novelties from the update.  With it, you can mark anything: supplies, vehicles, ammo, tactical positions, death crates, a humorous looking rock, or anything.  In other words, anything of importance. What is better, marks can be observable to teammates. This opens a leeway for strategic planning and also more efficient communication.  Such a Mark may be used to indicate the last piece of ammo, a possible threat, or a hiding sniper.

Colorblind mode

Prayers that have another color perception will love manner 0.17.0 too. If you tweak your game's settings, then you can alter the blood shade. Not every day you can view somebody biting orange once you have fed them a machine-gun round.

And lastly, there is a mode that beginners may enjoy.  It is called Brothers in Arms, and its principal idea would be to place veteran players and players in duos.

Even though Rookies get their first battle experience, Veterans earn rewards for sharing their knowledge. But before it may occur, players must enter the game and become enrolled as Advisors or Rookies. Following that, the machine will automatically fit two gamers, so understanding sharing may start.

Sweet 0.17.0

The update and Season 12 have brought us lots of cool things.  At precisely the exact same time, there are complaints that the new upgrade keeps crashing on certain devices like the OnePlus 7.  Have you been satisfied with your PUBG upgrade?  Does it work well?  What do you think that it lacks? Let us know in the comments!