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Puzzles are a perfect combination of fun and brain training. Games of this genre are like an exciting workout that gives a real effect. With their help, you can improve your memory, attention, imagination, and make your mind more flexible. In this post, you'll find thrilling and diverse puzzles for Xbox One. The games from the list appeal even to the most sophisticated gamers. 

The Witness

The Witness is a first-person puzzle. At the beginning of the game, the main character is on an island divided into several regions. Every region has its own unique puzzles and a particular theme. Be ready to enjoy up-to-date and picturesque graphics. The world of the game is pretty attractive.

There are a lot of labyrinths, and you have to solve several logical problems. Your main task is to connect the points with the line. Seems to be easy? Don't count your chickens before they are hatched! The tasks will be a severe test of your logical abilities.

With every new level, the tasks become more difficult. You have to find out the rules of puzzles before trying to unravel them. Don't forget to look over the surrounding area. 

Donut County

Donut County is an indie puzzle. The fans of the genre started to discuss it long before the release. The reason was its visual style and bold mechanics. The author, Ben Esposito, devoted almost five years to the development, while participating in other projects in parallel —for example, helping with What Remains of Edith Finch. Did he manage to meet the expectations of gamers and journalists?

Donut County is a mixed town with unusual inhabitants: upright animals and revived utensils like a salt shaker or a pepper shaker. However, the main characters of the gingerbread kingdom are the raccoon with the mysterious name VK and the teenage girl — the only representative of humanity in this menagerie.

The game includes a puzzle collection where you control a circular gap in the soil. The task is simple: to clean the location, sending objects, residents of the town, and their pets to the bottom. As you start a new level, the hole diameter allows only to “swallow” a glass of tea. With each new object, the funnel grows, gradually accommodating chairs, cars, and after — and multi-story buildings.

Q.U.B.E. 2 

Q.U.B.E. 2 is a spinoff of the 2011 puzzle adventure. The main character of the game is the British archaeologist Amelia Cross. She’s on a journey to a beautiful, mysterious planet. With the help of one more survivor, Emma has to pass the Q.U.B.E. tests to find her way home.
The sequel was created in collaboration with Rob Yescombe (The Division, RiME). So, the plot made the game shine with new colors. Q.U.B.E. 2 consists of 11 chapters, during which the developers tell us the whole story about the crashed spaceship-organism and its interaction with the archaeologist Amelie. 

The plot is genuinely intriguing. You are worrying whether the earthlings are alive, what are the true motives of the aliens, and so on. The puzzles are not extremely difficult but fascinating. They are logically understandable and based on knowledge of the fundamental physics laws. 


Gorogoa makes you feel like you are in an art gallery. In this game, you manipulate the parts of masterpieces to put it together and solve a mystery. Almost every element of the design is hand-drawn.
The main idea of ​​Gorogoa is the close interconnection of all objects in the world around us. And every puzzle confirms this theory. An object that lies on the table fell to the floor or was hanged on the wall, which may turn out to be a part of something completely different. Take a step to the side and try to dock one panel with another. 

The game keeps its style from the first minute to the final. It is hard not to admire the inventiveness of its creator at every step. Unfortunately, any example will be a spoiler.

Snake Pass 

Snake Pass appeals to retro-vibe fans. The main characters — a snake and a bird with the funny names Noodle and Doodle — are trying to save paradise from a terrible threat. They are collecting coins, soap bubbles, magic crystals, and opening portals between levels. A clear story and a simple concept are successfully combined with new technologies, getting all the advantages of Unreal Engine 4.
Using physics and the environment involves solving simple puzzles, where a snake slowly crawls to the desired crystal or bubble, wrapping around the planks, or moves sharply to the ledge with blocks of stone.
The hyperactive bird supports its unhurried friend. It picks up the collected crystals and sets them on special pedestals. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun during this colorful and relatively easy game. 


If Snake Pass is too vivid and straightforward for you, I have a complete opposite game. Feel the atmosphere of a mysterious and dark Inside.
Six years ago, the world learned about a small independent studio — Playdead from Denmark. Their first project, Limbo, struck the sophisticated audience with its unusual gameplay, secrets, and an innovative artistic style. It's a thing to remember for a long time. 
Now there is Inside — spiritual heir of Danes' first work and one of the best games of this year.

Everything starts in a dense forest. The main character tries to escape from some strangers who are ready to beat him at any moment. You do not understand who they are and why they wish the death of a young man without a face. The only one thing is obvious — if you want to stay alive, then you have to hide. 

The developers did not go far from their basic formula, leaving a classic 2D platformer with small and complex puzzles as a basis. There are different kinds of traps, obstacles, and dangerous situations that could lead to death. Although the tasks themselves are not extremely difficult in terms of logic, they are carefully inscribed in a gloomy environment.

It’s Time to Choose

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