3D Truck Simulator: Imagine that you're trucker

3D Truck Simulator: Imagine that you're trucker

3D Truck Simulator is a simulator of truck driving. In it you'll be able to transfer big cargoes from one place to another. It also will be possible to ride through beautiful mountain valleys and difficult winding paths.

Main goals

You have to go to the truck parking, take the driver's seat and fasten your seat belt firmly. Then, it will be necessary to get ready for a fast and frantic truck drive on dangerous mountain tracks. It's possible to start the truck, load the cargo and leave on an exciting journey through the hilly terrain. Enjoy the most realistic cab game driving in all weather conditions from day to evening and even night.


The game has got several cool features:

  • Realistic physics;
  • Even and night driving;
  • Various cargo elements.

The project has got various camera views: third-person, cockpit and top view. So, you can watch the truck from various sights, and this possibility diversifies gameplay.

There are multiple steering options. So, you can adjust controls in the game in such a way that suits you most.

You'll have to transport various kinds of cargo. Sometimes, it will be needed to convey wooden pallets or gas cylinders. Other times, you'll load your truck with drums or something else.  

It's a free-to-play project. Of course, there presents ads, but it's not annoying. Also, there are built in purchases with help of which you can make gameplay even more comfortable.

In the game it's possible to choose various trucks. You may modify them and even variegate. So, if you're bored of one truck, you always can change seat to another.

Night driving is also well-thought out. When it grows dusky, you need to switch headlights on. Otherwise, you won't see anything.

Levels in the game

There are 20 levels in the game. The first five of them are easy to play and they help you to learn the art of driving on difficult roads. 

Levels 5-10 are dedicated to moving in the rain. The sunset scenes in the mountains are unforgettable. In the evenings, you feel that you're real trucker.

On levels 11-15 you'll get acquainted with night driving mode. And the last of them will be dedicated to driving to the Karakorum mountains which are covered with thick layer of ice. Live snowfall, slippery roads and lush tracks make the truck driving crazy and exciting.

This is the most adventurous truck game with music and amazing visual effects. Download the game on your smartphone and try to become an experienced truck driver.



So, 3D Truck Simulator is a good project. You are given a lot of possibilities: from choosing a car to various camera views. Sometimes the game will be challenging because of weather conditions. There also present picturesque views and pleasant music.

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