My Baby Care: Become an Experienced Nanny

My Baby Care: Become an Experienced Nanny

My Baby Care is a great game to demonstrate how to take care of babies. You have a chance to feel like a nanny who needs to watch several children at once. Will you be able to satisfy all their needs?

How to Take Care of Children?

It's necessary to work in a special room with little wards. The main task is to take care of 4 babies, entertain them and make sure that they do not cry. Different needs light up over the heads of children, for example, a fork with a knife means that the baby needs to be fed.

You'll have to change diapers, not forgetting to use special cream or powder. When the child goes to bed, it will be necessary to help him with brushing teeth. While giving a bath, you may offer the baby a few toys, and let to burst bubbles.

Be sure to feed the children several times a day. You can choose different types of food and diversify the diet. Prepare 3 different types of dishes: milk, cereals with yogurt and berries, or chopped fresh fruit. Do not forget to use napkins.

After a hearty meal, let the baby have a rest and a good sleep. Cover the kid with a warm blanket and sing a lullaby. To entertain the child, you will be offered various mini-games that improve logic.

Also, you may dress up your babies, choosing from favorite outfits for boys and girls. It's possible to create fascinating combinations from pants, T-shirts and boots. Variety of suits is not great, and some of them are locked. 

Leisure in the fresh air is endless fun for children. Learn how to grow flowers, sort apples or enjoy bird rescue. You can have a great time with the children on the playground.

Special Aspects

At the bottom of the screen, the task completion scale is displayed. When it is filled, the mission will be considered to be completed, and you will be able to take care of another child. There are no rewards, coins or achievements in the game, it's just needed to perform the work of a nanny. 
The application also supports advertising content and digital purchases. Some game elements are paid, e.g., clothes. Anyway, all the tools for completing tasks are free. 

Main Features:

• Educational mini-games;
• 4 nice children;
• Pleasant sound effects;
• Interactive scenes.

Undoubtedly, graphics in the app are amazing. The visual design is bright and cute, there is a good animation. The interface is intuitive, even small children will be able to understand it.

Gameplay is accompanied by a pleasant musical composition. Controls are as simple as possible, only swipes and taps are used. 




All in all, it's an excellent casual project for those who like to take care of kids. Juicy graphics and unostentatious soundtrack make you plunge into calm atmosphere of the kindergarten. Download the game and become an experienced nanny who knows about all needs of children.