Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth

There's undoubtedly a lot you can do in Minecraft, and creating virtual copies of monuments and buildings is one of the most popular pastimes among Minecraft lovers.  

Minecraft Earth is an augmented reality game that aims to combine the real world with the recognizable landscapes and structures made from colorful blocks.  The developers have done a good job maintaining the new project a secret. Therefore lots of the job around the new game has already been done.  This means that the launch date can't be too far from the Minecraft Earth announcement date.

The idea behind Minecraft Earth is not new: Pokemon Move has already successfully established an augmented reality where you can catch Pokemon in the actual world.  Still, Minecraft Earth is definitely going to bring exciting new features and means of researching its own distinct world.

Users with old phones don't have to worry: Minecraft Earth can be set up on any system that runs Android 7.0+ or iOS 10+.  That said, it's an AR game that is based on your cellphone's camera to make the best experience, so be prepared to carry a powerbank with you when you play.

How to Play Minecraft Earth?

If you are familiar with the concept of augmented reality, you probably already have any expectations of what Minecraft Earth could prove to be.  Otherwise, you'll need to understand that AR technologies intention to combine virtual components together with your real-life surroundings.  In this manner, the familiar creatures and dinosaurs can show up on the streets, in parks, as well as in your room!  Just like in Minecraft, they will challenge your own survival.  

In addition, it comes as no surprise that you may craft several structures and things from blocks in Minecraft Earth.  The revolutionary part here is your capacity to set your creations in your real-life environment.  The items in your place are going to be observable for other players, so you'll also have the ability to research what others have generated and possibly draw inspiration for your cube masterpieces.

You can also collaborate with other gamers to create plans and ideas a part of this (virtual) reality, but in this case, you will all need to be in the exact same location.  Offline collaboration brings another fun and exciting aspect into Minecraft Earth, permitting players to attend pre-arranged meetings with their buddies or spontaneously drop in on a meetup announced through Discord, Facebook, and similar networking.

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Though some details remain unknown, it's exceedingly probable that Minecraft Earth will be a free-to-play game. The poll that needs to be filled from Minecraft Earth beta testers contains a query regarding if you prefer free-to-play matches, and also, we believe the question undoubtedly has something to do with the way Minecraft Earth is monetized.

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